Custom Entry Foyer Accent Wall Constructed Using Authentic Salvaged Barn Siding

May 3, 2017

65sq. ft. Custom Reclaimed Barn Siding Entry Foyer Accent Wall

     Jake and Josh recently completed the installation of this 65 square foot entry foyer for this excited couple in their Columbus, Ohio home. This beautifully weathered silver and brown mixture of Oak, Pine, and Poplar 79" x 1/4" barn siding was all recently salvaged by Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood. Each board has been individually removed, restored and repurposed for this unique accent wall from a locally sourced historic 1800s Central Ohio barn. All of us here at Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood are passionate about preserving history, take pride in our attention to detail and are driven to help our customers create one of a kind conversation pieces for all to enjoy for years to come. Let us preserve a special piece of history for you in your home or business; contact us to begin planning your custom reclaimed barn wood design today!

65sq. ft. Custom Reclaimed Barn Siding Entry Foyer Accent Wall65sq. ft. Custom Reclaimed Barn Siding Entry Foyer Accent Wall

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