Why Reclaim Ohio Wood?

November 1, 2017

When it comes to wood, place matters. In fact, when it comes to building or remodeling a home, the origin of your beams and boards is just as important as the type, color, size, or price.

A Durable History

The history of reclaimed wood products begins on the very ground beneath us. In the early 1700-1800s, American colonists began settling in the Ohio region. Having a wide variety of Oak, Maple, Chestnut, and Ash timbers at their disposal, these settlers crafted the greatest examples of American Colonial architecture in the barns that inspire us today.

The character and durability of reclaimed wood is evidence of all the elements these structures withstood for over 200 years. Every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears put into their craftsmanship becomes a part of your project's personality. These reclaimed wood additions possess a special type of nostalgia both the modern and traditional styles love, all while reclaiming the durability you need.

What Makes Ohio “Buckeye” Boards Better?

Durability. Beauty. Charm.

Reclaimed wood is nearly impossible to duplicate. The varied landscapes in the Buckeye State produce countless variations of color and texture to choose from. Ohio's pioneers began by selecting old growth timbers to hand-hewn into beams. The beams in the barns became architectural workhorses; today, they've become true works of art.

Why Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood | Reclaimed and Distressed Wood Products in Ohio

Whether located in a valley, on a hill, in the woods or in full sun, barns take on the beauty of their surroundings through generations of weathering and bring a unique patina and charm to today’s projects.

No two pieces are alike: Knots, cracks, and even insect scars have a story to add to your own. Reclaimed beams and boards are not only gorgeous, but environmentally friendly as well. Empty, dilapidated barns from years ago are repurposed to meet the needs of families and businesses today. This is done all while preserving actual pieces of history. It’s truly a case of “everyone wins”!

Look No Further

From the east coast to the mountain states, designers and builders have harnessed the magic of Ohio wood for their own projects. Whether you’re looking to accent a custom home with a barnwood wall, redo your floors with beautiful distressed boards, or install a mantel or ceiling beam in your business sure to invoke warmth and conversation, Ohio wood has something special for everyone.


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