Hand Hewn Barn Beams For Custom Homes

These green products that were hand crafted from trees which started growth in the 1600's, would be a vocal point for all high end custom builders, residential, commercial architects or home owners.

Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood will deliver to any special project NATIONWIDE... South/North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Montana, Utah etc...


We have a current Inventory of 10,000 board foot of rare hand hewn barn beams.  These beams will accentuate your custom luxury home with patina and character that only these old growth timbers can provide.     

These large reclaimed timbers would bring authenticity through out your lakefront home or mountain retreat. Call us for the best quality product, we will be happy to meet your needs.

Massive early 1800's 12''x19''x20' White Oak Timber

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