Hand Hewn Barn Timbers

Hand-hewn timbers are logs that have been made into a dimensional size by hand with an ax.  Hand-hewn timber sizes range from 4 inches x 4 inches to 12 inches x 14 inches with lengths up to 50 feet.

stack of hand hewn timbers

This hand-hewn timber was from the 1700-1800's era 

Hand hewn beams really stand out

A Luxury all to itself...

Reclaim your beams today. Then you can reminisce about the wormholes, nail holes, mortise pockets, and broadax markings!

Hand hewn beam used in a project 
Imagine rustic character, glowing rich wood texture with over 150 years of patina. These are hand-hewn beams. Created using a broadax. Truly an eye and hand of an artisan - called our talented forefathers! Each beam is ORIGINAL. There are no two identical. What an inspiration to add to your home and reclaim history. It truly is an awestruck moment!

Hand hewn beams ready to be shipped

 Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood only supplies top quality Hand Hewn Beams.

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