Reclaimed Flooring


stackOur Antique Reclaimed Wood Flooring is recovered from beams and boards that date from 100-200 years in age.               

  The beauty of this distressed old growth wood is so unique that it can not be reproduced by today's wood suppliers. The inherited characteristics of this natural aged product include, but are no limited to cracks, knots, peg holes, surface checking, insect scaring, nail holes, and color variation.                 

Our Reclaimed Flooring will bring a special elegance to any interior design.

Common species of Reclaimed Flooring include:

oak flooring

maple flooring

elm flooring

Oak Maple Elm


hickory flooring


chestnut flooring

Hickory  Beech Chestnut



flooring and paneling

Wall paneling

Natural Patina pre-finished White Oak Flooring
Natural Patina pre-finished White Oak Flooring