Why Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood

  Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood LLC. has taken pride is dismantling, salvaging, milling, restoring, and finishing some of the largest and highest quality reclaimed woods since 1988.  We have processed and shipped these precious authentic pieces of history all across America: to an Artist in New York, to home owners in Ohio, California, and Tennessee, to interior designers in Georgia and North Carolina, and to Architects in Colorado and Texas, just to name a few.

  Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood sources our quality reclaimed wood primarily from Ohio barns that date back to the early 1800’s with tree ages ranging from approximately 300­400 years.  We admire these old growth timbers and boarding and appreciate that the characteristics of this material cannot be recreated.  Our reclaimed barn wood is carefully dismantled, pressure washed, chlorinated, and insecticide treated.  We store a large inventory under roof protected from the elements at our yard in Northeast Ohio.  Our greatest joy is hearing our customers amazement of the wood grain and distinguishing characteristics of the reclaimed wood produces when milled at our fabrication shop.  To obtain this, we strive to create new life in every unique piece of reclaimed old growth wood green product for you.

  One of the most enjoyable projects that Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood supplied was to a cabin in Buffalo River, Tennessee.  We supplied over 20,000 board foot of reclaimed hand hewn beams,ceiling beams, wall boards, and flooring for construction of this home.  The home owner and contractor were pleased with the top quality condition and special milling of our reclaimed barn wood materials.  Other exciting projects for Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood included having our reclaimed wood used on stage for grammy­ nominated artist Jack Johnson’s 2014 world tour and as a wall board centerpiece in a McDonald’s in Michigan.  You can find our reclaimed wood in several restaurants and businesses in Ohio, Arizona, California, New York City, and Washington D.C.  Please view our client’s praises at  /testimonials .

  I, Gary Smith will personally guarantee that Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood will take pride in supplying the best quality, job ready, antique reclaimed wood timbers, ceiling beams, fireplace mantels, barn siding, furniture, tables, boarding, and other custom milled products for your once in a lifetime special project.  We are open to any options that you would like to discuss and how we can be involved in making your dream home come true.

  Our focus, at Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood, is being the #1 company providing the highest quality reclaimed wood in this Great United States of America.

  I am looking forward to doing business with you whether as a Client ­ Designer­, Architect or ­ Contractor.

        Thank you and please pray for our veterans and service members.

Gary Smith, CEO

Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood LLC.


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