Faux Beams

    Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood offers both Original Hand Hewn Ceiling Beams and Handmade Faux Beams (also known as decorative rafters, fake beams or box beams).   Using ceiling beams or faux beams is a great way to improve the look of any ceiling.  Both of these types of beams add a natural and classy look to any home, office or building.  They are great material options for renovations and new builds alike.


Faux beams are Built with the following characteristics;

     Reclaimed wood is milled to ¾ thickness and then we re-hand hew the planks (by hand and not by a machine in our facility) to get great looking axe cut markings. Professional miter lock Corners and Seams. (Hollow in center.)


    Here with Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood you will see NO foam beams!  We craft natural looking pieces to give you the authentic design you have been searching for.  You will find they have more character than any other faux beam because of the uniqueness of (bug scaring, checking, nail-peg holes, and definition of wood grain.)


Advantages of Purchasing Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood Faux Beams;

Light weight (needs less structural support in roof system than solid beams.)

Can be designed and built to exact dimensions to any project request. (At our facility.) 



Faux Beams can be 2, 3 or 4 sided.

Stained and Sealed

(Pre-finished @ our shop.)



Presently we pre-finish in Natural, Coffee and Black Glaze.  We can also match or blend to a stain that you choose.


    We will create your faux beams to your project's specifications.  Call, e-mail or come for a visit, we would love to help you achieve your reclaimed wood vision.

                                                       We offer nation wide delivery!

   Ohio Valley Reclaimed wood is looking forward to supplying your project with our State of the art, one of a kind Handmade Reclaimed Wood Faux Beams or ceiling beams.  If you or your affiliates have any questions or comments please contact us.


Lisa and Gary Smith, Owners
Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood

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